Richness and agricultural identity


We offer to our customers and potential customers natural products with guaranteed quality for import and export. These are our main farming products:

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Also called "Golden grain" due to its diverse nutritional properties, it is one of the symbol crops of Peru. Quinoa is a gift from our ancestors to maintain a healthy and complete diet.
It is a good food for children and a basic nutrient for athletes, has a lot of minerals and is rich in fiber. Currently, her fame has led the quinoa to be part of the star dishes in peruvian cuisine, wich is considered one of the best in the world.
Another treasure from our wide range of natural peruvian products. Purple corn is rich in antioxidants and is a great ally against cancer. Is the main ingredient of the traditional drink "Chicha morada", always present in peruvian homes and a great attraction for tourists seeking new flavors in their adventures. Among the benefits offered by purple corn are the prevention of obesity, glucose control, tissue regeneration, aging delay, among others.
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Peru has the pride of being a fertile soil for more than 3000 varieties of native potatoes, which makes the potato a symbol of Peruvian wealth in the world. Also, our country is the first producer of this tubercle worldwide. The potato is a must in the Peruvian homes, it is essential for our diet due to its versatility and its nutritional properties.
Garlic is cultivated in Peru throughout the year. Arequipa is the leading region in its production. Its abundance allows it to be used in restaurants, pharmaceutical companies, supermarket chains, among others. Also, it is one of our export star products and an obligatory ingredient in Peruvian cuisine for its unmistakable flavor and for its nutritional and healing contributions.
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The squash is a vegetable of main importance in Peru due to its high content of vitamins and its nutritional properties. It is part of our cultural legacy, it has been in the Peruvian tables since pre-hispanic times. The squash not only has a great demand in the domestic market, it is a product with great export value thanks to its unique flavor and aroma.